Digester Systems

entec offers a wide range of digester systems, whereby we can offer an optimal technical solution for practically every application.

Every application is individual

The choice of the right biogas system depends on many parameters:

The ingredients and the physical and chemical properties of the substrate.

The characteristics of the industrial manufacturing process.

The structural situation on site and the cost-benefit expectations of our customers.

The correct use of components, such as Pre-Treatment Systems, Pump Technology, Gas Upgrading etc., results in a satisfactory overall solution. 

entec offers the complete solution.

ecoLiner - containerized biogas plant

The ecoliner is a small compact biogas plant in a industrial 40 foot standard container. The ecoliner is designed to meet the needs of industrial customers for the energetic utilisation of for example, biological waste, wastewater or food waste, as well as to open up the energy market for low-volume feedstocks, such as for smaller farms, breweries or fruit juice producers.

With its flexibility to process a wide range of feedstocks, the ecoliner excels in a variety of applications. The core of the ecoliner series is a fermenter in steel container design, which is equipped with a horizontal agitator shaft, a fermenter heater, and all necessary connections.

Depending on the application or performance requirements, several of these fermenters can be combined. The fermenter container is supplemented by a technology container, which contains all the components required for plant operation. This module contains the substrate distribution including sub-stream pump, the heating and compressed air distribution and the system control.

Optionally the system can be supplemented with gas conditioning (gas cooling, activated carbon filter), gas utilisation (CHP, flare, etc) gas storage and a solids feeder. The plant is set up according to the plug&play principle.

Plug flow digester rectangular in-situ concrete tank as plug-flow digester with horizontal agitator for processing feedstock with high dry matter content. Plug-flow digesters are used wherever conventional round digester systems reach their limits due to high dry matter content and space requirements.

The flow-mechanically optimised, horizontal agitator enables efficient and gentle mixing of the sensitive feedstocks and impresses with its low power consumption. The plug flow fermenter is equipped with a leakage detection system, a gas collection box all the necessary connections and the required measuring technology.

System MBS

The entec MBS digester in flat design is ideal for cost-effective use in small to medium-sized biogas plants. Depending on the application, high-speed or inclined shaft agitators are used to mix its contents.

The digester can be used as a main or secondary digester and can either be designed with a fixed cover or closed by means of a double membrane acting as a gas reservoir.

Applications include all types of degradable organic wastewater, sludge and waste.

System CSTR

This centrally stirred digester is especially suitable for organic sludges and substrates rich in solids such as biowaste sludges, liquid manure, etc.

The entec CSTR digester is an upright cylindrical digester with a fixed top.

The mixing of its contents is ensured by a centric vertical low speed agitator, which is characterised by its high circulation capacity and ideally mixes the digester at the same time. The low speed guarantees gentle treatment of the biology and the permanent mixing, ensures optimal mass transport for the bacteriological degradation of the organic substances into biogas.

The entec CSTR digester is suitable for the use of high solids materials, such as biogenic waste and bio sludges, as well as for the treatment of floating layer forming feedstocks. Sediments can be easily removed during operation.

With sizes up to 6,000 m³, the CSTR digester is particularly suitable for use in large-scale biogas plants. It is already successfully used for the treatment of all types of degradable organic effluents, sludges and wastes, such as manure, municipal biowaste, catering and market wastes, food industry wastes, slaughterhouse wastes, sewage sludge.

BIMA Hydraulic System

The entec BIMA-Digester is the original among the self-contained hydraulically mixed digester systems; developed in 1979 and continuously optimised since then. It does not require any mechanical equipment such as agitators, circulation pumps or gas injection to mix the digester contents.

The 2-chamber system uses the biogas produced to create a mirror difference in the chambers, building up a mixing pressure of up to 500 mbar. Turbulent mixing occurs at intervals of 4-10 times per day, depending on the biogas production. The system requires extremely low maintenance and is characterised by its low operating costs compared to conventional systems.

More than 80 BIMA digesters are in operation worldwide for a wide variety of applications; some have been in operation since the early 1980s.

Ideal areas of application are sludges and wastes rich in solids, such as sewage sludge digestion, treatment of solids-containing, organically polluted wastewater, liquid manure, organic household and industrial wastes.