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Waste management companies for left-over food and organic waste

Food handling and food production

Agricultural holdings

Sewage treatment plants


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Industry example

Waste disposal companies

entec has been a trusted partner for the waste management industry for more than 40 years.

In large parts of the world, organic waste (e.g. food waste, vegetable and fruit residues) continues to be sent to landfills.

More than 40% of this volume could be used to extract energy. entec has constructed a number of food waste recycling plants for some of the most dominant  waste management companies, creating a win-win situation.

The volumes collected by the waste management company are recycled and thus converted into electricity, gas or heat. In addition, by transferring their organic waste to a biogas plant, they significantly reduce CH4 (methane) emissions.

In this context, entec supports waste management companies in the development, implementation and operation of waste management plants. 
In addition to the fermentation process, entec also plans and installs a pre treatment process.

The Local Authority

entec provides an all in one package from profitability calculations to comprehensive services.

For example, entec is the competent partner for municipal wastewater management. We can demonstrate numerous reference projects of our competence in regard to sewage sludge treatment. 

entec offers much more: The topic "biowaste" forces cities and municipalities to react.

One solution is "co-digestion": existing digestion towers are converted for the fermentation of biowaste with relatively little effort. The challenge of "biowaste" is thus turned into an energy concept that ultimately pays off for the local authorities and cities looking to the future in renewable energy.