Range of services

01  Feasibility Studies, EcoMaster

Technical and Economical Due Diligence, 
CAPEX, OPEX, Total cost of ownership

02  Processengineering

Basic Process- and Detailengineering

03  Project Management

Project and Site Management, 
Cold and Hot Commissioning

04  EPC

Project Realisation

05  Commissioning & start-up

Cold and Hot Commissioning, Performance Test
Onsite Staff Training

06  ecoFitting

Technical Evaluation plus Extension of existing Biogasplants

07  ecoLiner

Fully Containerized Biogas System, 

08  ecoPower

Containerized CHPs between 50kW and 4,000kW

09  O & M

Remote Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Schedules, 
Spare- and Wareparts, Micro-Nutrientsmixture “adRED”

10  Co-Financing

Co-Financing on project by project bases