Range of services

01  Feasibility Studies, EcoMaster

Technical and Economical Due Diligence, 
CAPEX, OPEX, Total cost of ownership

02  Process engineering

Basic Process- and detailed engineering

03  Project Management

Project and Site Management, 
Cold and Hot Commissioning

04  EPC

Project Realization

05  Commissioning & start-up

Cold and Hot Commissioning, Performance Test
Onsite Staff Training

06  eco-Fitting

Technical Evaluation plus Extension of existing Biogasplants

07  ecoLiner

Fully Containerized Biogas PLANT

Plug-and-Play SYSTEM

08  eco-Power

Containerized CHPs between 50kW and 4,000kW

09  O & M

Remote Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance Schedules, 
Spare and Wareparts, Micro-Nutrientsmixture “adRED”

10  Co-Financing

Co-Financing on project by project bases